Plans for the year

Sept. 19th 2017

Just another quick note with an update on how my plans for the year ended up working out...

Well, I did make it to Minami at the beginning of the year and, as you can tell from the update below, I also got to Kitacon (must say thanks to them for agreeing to let me have a photographer badge this year - Thanks).
However, a redundancy in April and a new job in August has meant that I didn't have the money to visit either MCM and I can't currently be certain that I can get the time off to attend Hibanacon, even though I want to (if you don't already have your ticket booked, go get one, I'll wait).

So, best of luck getting Amecon tickets and I'll see you when I see you.

Kitacon Quest

Sept. 19th 2017

Well, it only took a month (give or take a day or so) but I have the photos from Kitacon Quest ready for people to take a look at.
As usual, you can either find them in the menu above or from this link --> Kitacon Quest.

Thanks to everyone who posed for me and I hope to see you all again soon at another convention...

Plans for this year

Jan. 8th 2017

Just a quick note on where I plan to be taking photos this year in case anyone wants to avoid me or, less likely, seek me out:

  • Minami - Southampton - March
  • Kitacon - Warwick - August
  • MCM Expo - London - I haven't decided which or whether I'm aiming for both yet
  • Hibanacon - Milton Keynes - Nov
Also planned for this year is a new PC, which should hopefully speed up the process of reviewing, editing and uploading all my photos and should allow me enough time to go back and work on the sets I've been promising for ages and never gotten round to.

Finally, allow me to wish all the best for the year ahead to everyone.

MCM Expo 2016 photos

Jan. 8th 2017

I finally found enough time over Xmas (and this weekend) to finish working on the photos from both MCM Expo events in London. This includes both May and October events and you can also find these in the menu bar above.

Now on Twitter

Nov. 11th 2016

Just a quick additional update to say that I will now also be announcing site updates through Twitter using the account @SCConPhoto in future. I might post the occasional image from my galleries to Twitter but that is not currently intended to be the main use.

Photos from 2016

Nov. 11th 2016

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about photos taken over the course of 2016, be that at Minami, Amecon or either of the MCM London events this year. While the photos are still not available (we moved house at the start of the year and a large amount of time is still being given over to DIY) I hope to have some time in the coming weeks (or if all else fails, over the Xmas period when I have a few days off) to get back to working on them.

I'm really sorry for the delay and I will get things moving as soon as I can.

Back to the Kitacon

Aug. 12th 2015

I went to my first Kitacon this year and I have to say I had a great time. Food and drink was a bit pricy but the panels were good, the evening entertainment OK and there were lots of very nice people who let me take photos :)

My greatest thanks to those lovely people and you can see the results in the Kitacon/2015 gallery.

Now I have my fingers crossed that I get a ticket to Amecon next year...

Auchinawa 2014...

Aug. 12th 2015

Wow, has it really been that long?
Once again, I still haven't completed the processing of photos from Auchinawa. I still fully intend to go through them and put them up but I kind of got distracted for a while...

Auchinawa 2014

Nov. 27th 2014

I'm really sorry, but I haven't finished processing all of the photos from Auchinawa yet. I'm going through them as I can but I'm expecting that it will be next weekend before I actually upload the gallery.

Once again, I'm really sorry for the delay.

MCM Expo Oct 2014

Nov. 8th 2014

Well, it's been a while since I last had anything to post here. I don't know about anyone else, but I really missed having a large campus convention in the summer :(

My great thanks to everyone who was kind enough to let me take their photograph at MCM Expo in late October. Just click on MCM Expo/October 2014 in the menu above.

Most people who received a card from me should be somewhere in the gallery, but if you can't see yourself, it probably means that I got something wrong with the photo and couldn't correct it.

As always, if anyone wants full-size copies of their photo just drop me a line on the email address below.

MCM Expo - Photos now available

Nov. 9th 2013

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me asking for updates on when the Expo photos would be available and thank you for your patience. As the title says, the photos are now up and can be found from MCM Expo/October 2013 in the menu above.

I've tried to keep at least one photo of everyone but I'm very sorry to say that there is one pair of cosplayers who I couldn't rescue. They were a pair of Disney princesses (Merida and Snow White) and I can't apologise enough. Your costumes were wonderful but my photography let us down :(

Now that I've gone through this process, if anyone wants full-size copies of their photo just drop me a line on the email address below.

MCM Expo - October 26th 2013

Oct. 31st 2013

If you are here because I took your picture at MCM Expo, I still aim to have the final web-ready photos online by Nov 9th.
However, if you would like to contact me on the email address below, I'll be happy to send you the quarter-resolution jpgs until the final versions are available. Just describe your costume and I'll try my best to get the right photo to you :)


Sept. 5th 2013

Hello and welcome to my convention photography site. I'll admit that there isn't much here at the moment, but please stick with me, more content will be appearing as I go through the rather large backlog of photos.
At the moment the temporary Amecon 2012 gallery that was previously the front of the site is available from Amecon/2012 in the menu above. This will soon be replaced by better quality images separated by day.

Now also available are the photos from Ayacon 2013 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

I'll also apologise for the rough state of this page, it was written in three hours in Notepad++ and so isn't the sort of output I'd usually like to make public.